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How Do College Students Feel About the Election?

When we think of college students, we think of disengaged party animals, looking for their next sips of alcohol. Contrary to that belief, many are engaged and care about the fate that tomorrow may bring for them. Whoever wins the Presidential Election tomorrow will hold the power of many decisions that will affect college students.

Allison Kartner, 19, of Schenectady plans to vote tomorrow. She has voted before in local elections. Social media has influenced her political views somewhat, but she believes what she believes.

“I see Facebook posts and tweets about the election tomorrow frequently, especially live tweeting during the debates,” she says.

Another student, Melissa Sefershayan, 20, of Staten Island is also politically engaged.

“I am voting for Obama on campus tomorrow,” she shares.

Sefershayan has not previously voted because she was not of age. For this election though, she has followed the campaigns closely. She uses Twitter to follow the New York Times who gives updates about the election. She watched the debates as well and second screened with her friends and family members from home to connect with others. She also check Facebook to see what people thought and how they reacted to what President Obama and Governor Romney were saying. She plans to watch CNN tomorrow to see the outcome and how America reacts.

Brittany Lenotti, 21, of Westchester sent in her absentee ballot today. She had not previously voted because she was not of age in the last presidential election and was not interested in local elections. She watched the debates and thought that they were interesting. The only thing she did not like was the mediators of the debates, because they were not in control in her opinion.

She feels strongly about her vote.

“I want to have control of my body and Obama allows me to do so,” Lenotti says.