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Obama vs. Romney

The first Presidential Debate triggered controversy over several social networks, especially Twitter. Below, collectively are a bunch of different tweets people sent out during and after. See who was favored on social media outlets!

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This infographic works for me because of the different icons used on the map and the notepad to the side of it with the key. There is minimal writing, which makes for a good visual and it is not too crowded. If I were to change one thing about it, I would probably eliminate the theme park biggest attractions towards the bottom. Although it contains valid information, it makes the infographic a bit long.

Political Brands

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I found this infographic interesting, especially because the presidential election is less than a month away. What makes this a good infographic is the minimal writing, the statistics used, and the comparison between the two candidates. The only thing I would have done different would be to align the two candidates next to each other with the statistics, rather than under one another.