A Very Short Lesson

short lesson

I came across this very short lesson in psychology and it got me thinking, how valid is psychology? Should we believe everything we read about it? Are we, ourselves, our worst enemies?

When a person laughs excessively at little, dumb things, that person is sad inside. This may be true. Over laughing can be masking something deeper. The smile can be hiding the tears. Who are we to judge if an extremely laughable person is actually struggling inside though?

When a person sleeps a lot, that person is actually lonely. This I can believe. Depressed people tend to sleep more than the hours needed to be productive. So instead of sleeping for 16 hours, wake up after eight, and go for a run. I promise that jog will clear your head and you’ll feel great afterwards.

When a person talks less and fast, he is keeping a secret. So what? Maybe we don’t want everyone to know every little thought crossing our minds. Who ever said that was a crime?

When a person can’t cry, that person is weak. This is the one I found the hardest time believing. Usually people who rarely cry are perceived as strong. It got me thinking, maybe people who rarely cry are weak. The strength behind crying is letting it out. Letting go of what is built up. That takes strength. Holding it in is cowardice.

When a person eats abnormally, tension is built up. Something is going on that that person wishes not to speak about. Food is the therapy. My opinion? Exercise can do the same justice.

When a person cries over little things, that person is softhearted. If you cry at a sad part in a movie, people will call you a softie. When your dog dies and you cry, you’re soft. If you’re a guy who cries when someone dies in a movie, you’re weak. I like this version. Rather than saying someone who cries over small things is weak or mentally unstable, calling him softhearted is reassuring and more accurate.

When someone asks about you even though he is busy, he really loves you. Remember it. Take that away from this. It is the darn truth. Don’t question it. Just let it happen.


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