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How We Started
From its mid 1990’s start as a SUNY Albany student’s project to establish a central internet listing of local band web sites, CRUMBS (Capital Region Unofficial Musicians & Band Site) has evolved into the major resource for all capital area musicians and bands. CRUMBS is arguably the longest running independent capital region music industry and scene resource. Through the years, CRUMBS has been guided by less than a handful of dedicated owners whose core mission has been to promote and advocate the areas varied music scene.

The current owner of CRUMBS is Mike Guzzo, a bassist and recording engineer in Watervliet, NY. In 2006, Guzzo acquired then dormant CRUMBS as a graduate project while earning a masters at the College of Saint Rose, and completely overhauled the website.

Radio Show
The new website ushered in a new medium to the launch of the CRUMBS Cafe radio show and podcast. CRUMBS Cafe is the website’s flagship of platform featuring local bands and artists performing (mostly) acoustic versions of their songs. To revive a local tradition, CRUMBS recently put together a varied collection of 12 songs taken from the CRUMBS Cafe radio show, and issued the recordings as “Live From CRUMBS Cafe, Volume 1”. In addition, Guzzo and partner Bill Bucher reintroduced CRUMBS Nite Out, which in its original format was as a monthly open jam session with a featured band. CRUMBS Nite Out became the area’s foremost networking opportunity for local musicians to further their music career.

Media Partners
To broaden the awareness and interest of the local music scene into the area and beyond, Guzzo has also sought to partner CRUMBS with a number of local media entities such as the Albany Times Union newspaper and weblog, public radio stations WAMC 90.3 and WEXT 97.7, performance venues such as WAMC’s performance art studio The Linda and the Robb Alley space along Schenectady’s Proctor’s Theater, and even Apple’s media powerhouse iTunes.

Local Music Blog
Powered by timesunion.com music under the category Arts/Culture, the CRUMBS: Local Music Blog was introduced in September 2007 as a forum for commentary and discussion of the many aspects of the Capital Region music scene. Readers are encouraged to leave comments. Each blog is written from a different perspective on the local music scene. Entries are not edited by the Times Union; the blog authors are solely responsible for content. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some include photographs (photoblog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting).


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