How Innovative Are We Really?

The media coverage of recent Hurricane Sandy and the presidential election has been greater than ever. It seems like every time we turn our heads, there is a new way of covering a story. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube streams all have one thing in common: to connect us all to one another simultaneously.

Twitter: As soon as the power went out, immediately after NYU patients were evacuated from the hospital, when tons of flooding occurred, when nearly half of NYC was destroyed, the world knew. Live updates from Twitter about Hurricane Sandy bombarded the worlds’ news feed. The New York Times especially kept us updated, tweeting stories and letting us know how victims were.

Instagram: Search the hashtag #HurricaneSandy. You can see photos taken during the storm and you can see photos of the aftermath. This tool really captured and shocked many of us. The destruction was devastating.

Hurricane Sandy Instagram Pictures

Facebook: Although Facebook has been dwindling down more recently, many statuses were posted in the eye of the storm. More importantly, local communities and celebrities reached out to the victims afterwards. Charities were formed and donations collected.

Flickr: Like Instagram, Flickr also shared photos of the Frankenstorm. Shocking and eye opening, the photos allowed viewers to better understand the tragic event.

YouTube: Pictures are one thing. Videos though? Extremely effective. We are a visual generation and seeing videos of the storm allows us to better relate. Words are one thing, but people would much rather watch a video. The YouTube videos of Hurricane Sandy form the whole package. They are stories, with pictures, and motions. We come together and understand.


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