How Do Young People Use Social Media?

Have you ever sat across from a date or even a friend whose fingers seemed to be glued to that iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? Have you ever done it a thousand times? Have you ever felt like this generation is lacking in ordinary communication skills because we have the Internet at our every disposal?

Although it may be difficult for our generation to hold a conversation while on a date or even refrain from taking our eyes off of our phones on the walk to class, this technological advancement can be beneficial. We have the ability to put anything that is on our minds out there with the touch of a button. Social media has made accessing instant information as easy as getting the mail.

On my way to class the other day, I bumped into Chelsea Walrath, 20, on her iPhone scrolling through Twitter.

“I use Twitter and Instagram a lot. I love the idea of sharing and comparing pictures on a social network. Twitter and Facebook are really just how I keep in touch with friends or follow celebrities,” Walrath said.

So, is it a vanity thing? Or a way to stay extremely connected?

Sophomore Allison Kartner, 19, says she uses social media to look up information quickly, keep in touch with friends, get new ideas, and for breaking news.

“I know when something really huge has happened because it’s all over Facebook and Twitter. I actually find out there before I hear it on any news station. People love to put their two cents in about breaking news,” Kartner said.

In addition to staying connected, young people use social media for educational purposes.

Senior Brittany DeMarco, 21, says she uses Facebook to stay connected with people she met in Europe this past summer while studying abroad. She also recently used Facebook to help with a class project.

“Social media is such a diverse tool. It can be used in any way really,” DeMarco says.


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