Why Blog?

Blogging is the quickest form of news that can either be significantly positive or significantly negative. The risk of error is higher than that of a published newspaper. If you’re like me though, blogging is a bit of a thrill. It is so spur of the moment and timely, that it almost gives you an adrenaline rush. When you sit down to write a blog, you almost always want to finish it right then and there. Going back is a nuisance. These short little blurbs are at their best when written and published in one sitting.

In Andrew Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” he says, “For bloggers, the deadline is always now.” This is true. This writing out loud version of journalism that emerged a little over a decade ago is the most alive it will get when it comes to writing. It exposes the author in a way that most other forms of journalism do not. People either love what you have to say or hate it, and almost always have something to say about it. That’s what comes with freedom though. There will be a price for whatever you say. The more freedom a person is given, the more he or she has to lose or gain.

When blogging, someone will always know more than you. Comments make for conversation though. The more absurd and more out there something is that you blog about, the more traffic you will draw. People don’t like mediocre things. They always have something to say about the blogs where people stepped outside the box of normalcy. After all, normal is boring. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

The strongest emotions often make for the best writing. Think about it this way: every successful rapper or music artist wrote songs in times of tragedy. The greatest artists usually come from the most f*cked up backgrounds. Struggles are what people can relate to and they are what is REAL. Keeping that in mind, I will work to deliver entertaining and unique information that the world can relate to.


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